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How a seed grows
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Accompanied by step-by-step directions on how to plant a seed and care for it as it grows, a simple text and detailed artwork reveal how seeds are transformed into plants and discuss the importance of sunlight, water, and other nutrients. - (Baker & Taylor)

Uses observations of bean seeds planted in eggshells to demonstrate the growth of seeds into plants - (Baker & Taylor)

A seed is a tiny plant. Given soil, water, and sunlight, the seed will begin to grow. As the seed grows, it becomes a flower, a vegetable, or maybe even a tree.

This enlarged edition introduces seeds and how they grow, with clear explanations and beautifully detailed illustrations that outline the simple steps for beginning a garden.


How does a tiny acorn grow into an enormous oak tree? At one time, the tree in your backyard could have fit into your pocket! Look inside to learn the simple steps for turning a packet of seeds into your own garden. - (HARPERCOLL)

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